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Alice is a writer and creative director currently at antoni Berlin, where she leads global integrated campaigns for Mercedes-Benz cars. Born in Italy, she has a degree in Anthropology and speaks four languages, unfortunately all with weird accents. So far Alice paid homage to Bertha Benz, exploded 4000 glitter balloons for Sony Bravia, launched the new A-Class getting a shout-out in a Nicki Minaj single, created Wi-Fi sniffing dogs for T-Mobile and was lucky enough to see her work recognized at shows like Cannes Lions, D&AD and Effie. She is a regular juror at creative festivals (such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Ciclope) and sometimes a speaker at industry events. In 2015, tired of being the only woman in the room, she founded the Berlin chapter of SheSays, a global network for women in the creative business. Since 2019 she is member of the German Art Directors Club. Alice once wrote a song in Spanish for a commercial using Google Translate and was mentioned on a list of notable women along with Angela Merkel. The two things probably aren’t related.


  • Since 2017 Creative Director at antoni Berlin

  • 2014-2016 Creative Director at DDB Berlin

  • 2012-2014 Senior Creative at DDB Berlin

  • 2009-2012 Copywriter at McCann Rome

Mercedes-Benz, SONY, eBay, Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Electrolux, MasterCard, Opel, Ikea, Lotus, Childline, Doctors without borders.

Cannes Lions, Eurobest, New York Festival, Ciclope Festival, L.A. Fashion Film Festival, Dubai Lynx, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Golden Hammer Festival, ADCI.

ADC Festival (Hamburg); G8 Creative Festival (Moscow); Berlin Fashion Film Festival; Creative Talks (Berlin); Moderator of SheSays (Berlin).

German, English and Italian. I can speak French, but neither of us is going to enjoy it.

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  • 2019 Cannes Lions Film Silver

  • 2019 Cannes Lions Film Craft Silver

  • 2019 Cannes Lions Film Craft Bronze

  • 2019 Cannes Lions Film Craft Bronze

  • 2019 Gerety Awards Craft Silver

  • 2019 D&AD Branded Entertainment Graphite Pencil

  • 2017 Cannes Lions Film Craft Shortlist

  • 2017 Cannes Lions Film Craft Shortlist

  • 2017 W&V Campaign of the Week

  • 2016 Eurobest Radio Bronze

  • 2016 Eurobest Radio Bronze

  • 2016 Eurobest Radio Bronze

  • 2016 Eurobest Film Craft Bronze

  • 2016 Epica Film Bronze

  • 2016 GWA Effie Bronze

  • 2016 ADC Germany Film Craft Bronze

  • 2015 Euro Effie Grand Prix

  • 2015 D&AD Film Graphite Pencil

  • 2015 D&AD Film Wood Pencil

  • 2015 Eurobest Film Craft Gold

  • 2015 Eurobest Film Silver

  • 2015 Eurobest Film Craft Silver

  • 2015 Cannes Lions Cyber Bronze

  • 2015 Cannes Lions Branded Content Bronze

  • 2015 LIA Awards Bronze

  • 2015 LIA Awards Finalist

  • 2015 Cristal Festival Best Use of Humour Sapphire

  • 2015 Cristal Festival Best Web Series Emerald

  • 2015 Ciclope Festival Branded Entertainment Bronze

  • 2015 AME Awards Best Use of Media Online Silver

  • 2015 Spotlight Festival Bronze

  • 2015 The A-List Hollywood Award Bronze

  • 2015 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Gold

  • 2015 Telekom Media & Communications Awards Best creative execution

  • 2015 Ciclope Festival Branded Content Bronze

  • 2015 ADC Germany Finalist

  • 2015 ADC Germany Bronze

  • 2015 ADC Awards Germany Silver

  • 2014 Webby Honoree

  • 2014 FWA site of the day

  • 2014 ADC Germany Shortlist

  • 2011 Young Lions Italy Bronze

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